Homemade Goat Milk Formula

Mt. Capra has been changing lives with this homemade goat milk baby infant formula recipe that is easy to make, nutritionally complete, and has worked wonders on sensitive tummies.

Infant Formula Shortage? – Use this Goat Milk Formula Recipe To Make Your Own!

Full disclosure: Hi, I’m Joe Stout, the author and creator of this website and of the homemade goat milk formula recipe. I am also the President of Mt. Capra, a producer of goat milk ingredients, some of which, I will be recommending throughout this site. Cheers!    – Joe

Nearly 10 years ago I created a homemade goat milk formula recipe that literally changed my daughter’s life.

At the time Liesl was only 4 months old and was both miserable and unable to thrive on commercial infant formulas.  My wife Elizabeth, trained as nurse, was and is a champion of breastfeeding but found herself out of milk while pregnant.

joe and elizabeth stout

liesl and elliana goat milk formula sisters

She was desperate to find an alternative to commercial baby formula but one that did not contain cow milk or soy milk. Since I had two degrees in human nutrition (B.Sc. and M.S.) I quickly set to work. After much research and development, developed the following recipe.

In the years that have followed, this homemade goat milk formula recipe has been continually improved, updated, and enhanced as I continue to ensure it offers the closest possible nutrition to mother’s milk while also following FDA nutrient guidelines established by the 1980 Infant Formula Act. 

Caveat parente

Have you ever heard the phrase: Caveat emptor? It means “let the buyer beware.” When it comes to homemade formula, I prefer the phrase Caveat parente: “Let the parent beware.”

This homemade goat milk formula recipe has revitalized the health and wellness of thousands of babies around the world because it offers the easy digestion of goat milk along with the safety of the 29 nutrient minimums and maximums that every baby formula MUST follow. While this recipe was certainly not the the first on the internet, I believe it is the best because it is both based in the breastmilk-like quality of goat milk while also being dedicated to the science of infant nutrition.

While there are many “formula” recipes available, remember the phrase Caveat parente whenever you are evaluating them. I have found that most of these recipes are dangerously absent (or in excess) of important macro and micro nutrients, contain unnecessary and potentially pathogenic ingredients, and are difficult to prepare, store, and feed. I would encourage you to compare all of them to nutrient minimums and maximums set out in the nutrient database.

Your little ones are counting on you to provide them with a formula that is nutritionally complete, free of dangerous bacteria, and that you can prepare safely and consistently as a busy and possibly sleep-deprived parent.

I believe this homemade goat milk formula recipe is just that.

The next phase.

Our vision is to move the idea of a homemade goat milk formula recipe from being one of the nutritional worlds “best kept secrets” to a commonly accepted and medically advocated approach which both parents and healthcare providers can enthusiastically recommend when breast feeding is not an option.


– Joe Stout, M.S. 

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