6 years later this homemade goat milk formula is still changing our lives

Homemade Goat Milk Formula Recipe

Nearly 6 years ago, Mt. Capra began providing the ingredients for this homemade goat milk formula (GMF) recipe that has undoubtably revitalized the health and wellness of thousands of babies around the world.

This was based on a recipe I created for my own daughter Liesl who was both miserable and unable to thrive on commercial infant formulas when my wife could no longer breast feed.

Since then we have been constantly striving to make this homemade formula better.

We are now entering the next phase of this GMF saga and are ready to take the concept of parents making their own baby formula at home to the next level.

Our vision is to move this idea from being one of the nutritional worlds “best kept secrets” to a commonly accepted and medically approved approach which both parents and healthcare providers can enthusiastically recommend when breast feeding is not an option.

With that I would like to welcome you to GoatMilkFormula.com, our newest resource in turning this vision into a reality.

– Joe Stout, M.S. 

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