Homemade Baby Formula Science

Baby Formula Nutrition Data

Below is a baby formula nutrition database I created to show conclusively that this homemade baby formula recipe is not only safe for baby but follows the federal guidelines for nutrient minimums and maximums required by law in infant formula.

This recipe follows the same nutrient requirements that infant formula manufacturers follow for each 100 calories (5 oz) of formula they produce. The law specifies that 29 different micro and macro nutrients must have minimums and, in some cases, maximum that are carefully followed.

Now because this is a recipe that creates an 8 fl oz bottle and not a finished powder or ready-to-drink liquid, there are certain nutritional assumptions that need to be made in order to show the nutrient level per 100 calories.

For example, the recipe relies on adding a kids multivitamin powder in one bottle per day.  This means that we have to average the micronutrients found in that bottle over the course of several bottles per day. The vitamins in this bottle will be different than the other bottles baby drinks. If baby drinks three (8 oz) bottles per day they would be intaking a slightly different concentration of vitamins per calories than if they drink four (8 oz) bottles per day.  I used the assumption of 30 fl oz of formula per day based on the average consumption my readers gave me feedback on.

This means that the baby formula nutrition data per 100 calories (5 fl. oz) per day is assuming that baby is consuming 30 fl. oz of per day. The micronutrient numbers (vitamins/minerals) will vary slightly based on how much formula baby is consuming but the macronutrient numbers (protein/carbohydrates/fat) will remain consistent bottle to bottle.

First is a downloadable copy of the nutrition data you can print off and share with your healthcare providers who might be concerned about you making your own homemade baby formula.  Baby Formula Nutrition Database.


This second window contains a completely searchable database for the baby formula nutrition data in which I’ve tried to show my work in a way that is understandable and follows basic logic. None of the math is complicated but there are a lot of steps involved in coming up with the data.  If you have a question, send me a note and I will try and clarify.



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