the 6 stout sprouts


joe and elizabeth stout goat milk formulaHey there!

We are the Stout Family.

There are 8 of us all together.

Eva (8), Charles (7), Liesl (5), Elliana (4), Jack (3), William (1)

My name is Joe and this is my beautiful wife Elizabeth.

6 years ago, I created the original homemade goat milk infant formula recipe for my daughter Liesl (she is in the center photo above). Liesl, like me, was extremely allergic to cow milk ingredients and cow milk formula. Because Liesl and her younger sister Ellie are only 13 months apart, breastfeeding was not an option for most of her infancy. I put my 6 years of nutrition study to good use and cranked out a recipe using common grocery store ingredients with goat milk as the protein base of the formula.

Life for Liesl, and for hundreds of kids like her, changed for the better when she started using goat milk ingredients instead of the processed, GMO-laden, corn syrup based, estrogen producing, gut busting commercial formulas on the market.

Making your own goat milk formula (GMF) at home is not for the faint of heart. It involves careful consideration, extra work, and a perceived lack of convenience. The benefits of faithful preparation and commitment to the absolute health of your child however will far exceed anything you thought possible.

Welcome to the GMF world!


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