Top 7 Reasons for Making Infant Formula at Home

For nearly 6 years, Mt. Capra has been helping moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and other caregivers supply their little ones with the best formula available when breast feeding is unavailable for baby.

Not your typical Infant Formula

This formula doesn’t come in a ready-to-mix can or in a ready-to-drink bottle. What it lacks in convenience, it more than makes up for in overall quality, consistency, and nutritional safety. Over the many years I’ve spent studying infant formulas, I have become more and more convinced that there simply isn’t a way to create a formula in a “ready-to-mix/drink” final form, that is as nutritionally bioavailable, palatable, or resembles breast milk as closely as a carefully researched, properly prepared homemade goat milk infant formula recipe. Continue reading Top 7 Reasons for Making Infant Formula at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the formula last once in the fridge?

Use the formula as quickly as possible and try to not let it go beyond 2 days. 3 days would be the max. How much you are feeding will determine how much you should make ahead.

How long can the formula be out of the refrigerator once it is made?

The Science

The goal is easy to understand: Create a homemade goat milk formula recipe that resemble mother’s milk as closely as possible.

Easy to state, hard to accomplish.

In order for a homemade recipe to resemble human breast milk, we first need to know what the nutritional components of human breast milk are. Here is the rub though, we don’t know. Mimicking breast milk is like trying to mimic the weather; it is constantly changing. Continue reading The Science