The Story

It has been nearly 6 years since my husband first developed his homemade goat milk infant formula for our 5 month old daughter Liesl. He developed the formula because I was pregnant with our fourth child, Elliana, and could no longer nurse. Liesl had reacted with stomach pain, facial rashes, hives, and colic to every commercially available formula and he was confident that goat milk held the keys to proper health and growth for our baby girl.
Now nearly 6 years old, Liesl is a staple of the Mt. Capra story, adorning the front cover of the catalog and traveling to regional conferences with Joe to spread the word about goat milk magic! Suffice it to say the homemade goat milk formula did a great thing for our little girl.

6 years later, one result neither Joe or I (or anyone at Mt. Capra for that matter) expected were the hundreds and hundreds of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other various caregivers that personally contacted us to share the incredible news that this homemade goat milk formula had literally changed their life. I just did a search of our list of testimonials and this was literally the first one I found (no need for cherry picking)
Amy wrote“…My son has gone from 5th percentile to 40th percentile and is so incredibly bright developmentally…
So many people ask me about (the homemade goat milk formula) including my doctor because my son was so allergic to EVERY formula and I couldn’t breast feed him.  He would scream in pain from drinking his formula no matter what I tried… He was losing weight terribly and would cry all the time.  Doctors just kept telling me he had colic but I knew it was the formula that he was intolerant to.  I spent a life not knowing that I was intolerant to so many foods and finally my body shut down before I realized it and I hated to see his little body hurting.
It was literally overnight that he started doing amazing on your goats milk formula.  I LOVE knowing exactly what I am giving him and seeing him grow so incredibly.
This really is the typical response we hear and it always follows this pattern:
I tried commercially available, it didn’t work, baby was miserable, I started making my own homemade goat milk formula using the Mt. Capra recipe and overnight, soon, within days/weeks baby was happy, healthy, gaining weight, etc. This is 99% of the response we receive from ecstatic parents. My guess is that the number who don’t send us their stories far outnumber those who do, so we are literally talking about thousands and thousands of parents and caregivers that are finding nutritional deliverance for their littles ones by making their own goat milk formula.
As moms, we know that “breast is best” and personally, when I could no longer nurse Liesl, I went through a period of mourning knowing that I would no longer be able to give her the “gold standard” in infant nutrition. But knowing that I was giving her the next best thing was a huge comfort. Knowing that the formula I was making was real food, with recognizable ingredients, that didn’t contain GMO’s, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, soy, or especially cow milk (#1 allergen in kids under 3) was an enormous blessing. Most of all, seeing my little girl thrive, leaving behind eczema, hives, colic, facial rashes, and overall misery made it all worthwhile. This formula is both easy to make, and safe to give, and is totally worth the investment in the future of your little one.